Superexcellent HVAC Control Technology


LonWorks™ bus is the common criteria of ASHRAE(American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers). Numerous world-famous manufacturers of air conditioners such as Dakin, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi and Samsung adopt LonWorks™ as standardized communication protocol and intelligent control interface.


Therefore, depending on powerful LonWorks™ bus technology, the intelligent thermostat of LEAX can integrate various kinds of central air conditioning systems above from the depth of protocol seamlessly. It has the capacity of real, real-time and bidirectional feedback.




It's another feature is that the intelligent thermostat of LEAX is compatible with control of all kinds of water chilling units such as TRANE, York, all kinds of ground source heat pump air conditioners and natural ventilation system. The thermostat, having the same port with these water machines air conditioners and natural ventilation system, can replace directly primary air conditioners and floor heating panels. The construction is very simple, just needing to set a panel ID when debugging to complete programming. Primary air conditioner panel and natural ventilation panel are readily replaced by a thermostat of LEAX due to the same control interface and control interface.


It supports timing control, remote control and scene control through correlating with scenes in the intelligent panel, making it a reality that one key turns off all air conditioners.


Advanced Electronic Nose System


The harm that severe air pollution does to people becomes apparent as time goes. You cannot acquire fresh air when coming back to home and closing doors and windows and have to turn on primary air system. The humidifier has to continuously be used to humidify air when air is too dry owing to floor heating in the winter. Air conditioning disease makes people uncomfortable...We need an intelligent manager which can sense air condition of every room for 24 hours and then boot the auto fit heating installation and climate setting at the most suitable time.





The electronic nose of LEAX contains Temperature and humidity sensors and carbon dioxide sensors which detect indoor environment precisely and continuously for 24 hours and produce network variables which are then delivered to the whole control system. The control system gets an accurate knowledge of humiture and oxygen content of each area via data analysis and then figure out optimizing control mode in which it correlates with air conditioners, floor heating, primary air, dehumidifiers and humidifiers to make the indoor environment remaining in the best condition of constant temperature, humidity and oxygen, guaranteeing users' health.


Combined with APP, users can get to know air quality of each area through their cellophanes at any moment and work out a control plan. For example, you can make the system work before coming back to guarantee the healthiest air environment at home.


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