Gesture Control Makes Intelligent Control Instinctive


Very advanced gesture sensor chips are designed in the intelligent panel of LEAX. The application of the technique eliminate sense of fear of specific groups especially the elderly, making operation the most instinctive and humanized movement.


It has many advantages. For instance, waving in front of the panel at night can rouse "get up at night" scene. When you get up at night, you don not need to struggle to identify which one is "get up at night" scene facing the panel.


Gesture conception will as well become a cool and practical operation mode even during the daytime especially for the elderly and nurses. They just need to wave to turn on lights and another wave to turn off lighting via activating Away Mode. Considering hygiene, there is no need for greasy hands for the reason of cooking in the kitchen to touch the panel. A simple wave can turn on or off lights.


Sensitivity of each panel can be automatically corrected according to the environment at any time. Waving your hands 5 centimeters away from the panel only works . Advanced gesture algorithm makes user not need to worry false trigger when operating the panel.


Cool and simple wave operation as well as artistic appearance bring users unparalleled convenience and comfort, naturally demonstrating the host's calmness and confidence. Relatives and friends that visit here become astonishing and peaceful and even appreciated.

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