Prominent Lighting Dimming And Color Temperature Adjusting Technology


As an indispensable function of intelligent dimming system, dimming is used in super hotels to create various kinds of dreaming lighting effects. This has been going on for decades during which lots of dimmers have been launched and applied in smart homes.


Through accumulation of technology for many years, LEAX has taken dimming technology to an unprecedented level where it can not only adjust the brightness of lighting but also color temperature, hence running ahead of all similar products.




1. The technology can achieve 0~100% stepless  dimming for LED light source. Strobe flash that exists in common dimmers will not happen even under 1% of light intensity, creating more smooth and comfortable lighting effects .


2. The adjusting of color temperature ranging from 2200k to 6800K can be realized in addition to the adjustment of luminance for LED lighting source.


3. The realization of functions above, just like the wiring of common dimming, can be realized merely by means of connecting zero line and fire line of lighting to the dimmer.


Colorful RGB Dimming Technology


In addition, 3-channel RGB dimmer of LEAX allows high-voltage RGB light bans to connect to dimmers directly without additional transformers, making control more stable. RGB dimming module can not only define 16 million colors but also light intensity of every color.





Simple And Subtle Control Mode


Combined with control panel of LEAX, it can bring effects of intelligent lighting to a quite subtle realm which is dreamlike or warm, enthusiastic or peaceful...Through a build-in gesture perception chip in the panel, a wave can trigger optimal lighting effects that users set up in advance.


Combined with human body sensor of LEAX, the effect of porch lights of fade-in and fade-out can be produced, creating a fantastic space-time corridor.


Combined with dynamic night lamps of LEAX, lighting automatically arises gradually without irritating users' eyes when users get up at night and walk from bedroom to toilet.





Combined with brightness sensor of LEAX, luminance of lighting can be automatically adjusted with changes of light outdoors. This also saves energy.

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