Adopts The Most Stable Control Bus Technology

LonWorks™ bus control technology adopted by LEAX is developed by American ECHELON corporation, it's a revolutionary intelligence building control technology. It is certified as respective industry standard by World Standard Organization AAR, ANSI, ASHRAE, IEEE, IFSF and SEMI due to its excellent stability and strong networking capacity.





Currently, in the field of smart home, LonWorks™ bus smart home system is the only system which becomes international standard and Chinese national standard simultaneously. LonMark International ( and LonWorks™ China industry association are placed in the global and in China, respectively.


The best, long-term and continuous industry technical support and upgrade can be acquired to guarantee clients’ benefits by the use of LEAX LonWorks™ bus smart home system during the whole life cycle of residence.


Support By:


ISO/IEC14908International standard, ISO and Electronic Industries Association organization joint technical commission.

GB/T20299.4-2006National standard of Chinese commercial building and housing construction, Standardization Administration of China

ASHRAEAmerican Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers

AARAmerican Association of Railroads

ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute

IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

IFSFInternational Forecourt Standards Forum

SEMISemiconductor Equipment and Materials Incorporated

Stable Off-Host System

LEAX LonWorks™ bus is off-host point-to-point bus technology. Each device which has an independent "neuron" core processor chip relates to each other and run independently at the same time without a host computer, getting rid of the drawback that common RS485 system and wireless system need a host computer.




Topological Structure Of The System



It is obvious that the off-host technology brings some advantages that paralysis of the whole system owing to deadlock of the host computer does not exist and it eliminate expensive costs of purchasing host computers.


LonWorks™' specific neuron network can "network every sand on the earth". It is firstly applied in the field of industrial control and part of military industry followed by skyscrapers due to its flexibility and powerful networking capacity. For instance, majority of skyscrapers all over the world use LonWorks™ as their core network of building automation.


Currently, there are more than 200 million LonWorks™ devices are put in use in hundreds of thousands of buildings and a few million households in the global.


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