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AV Control Center : HOME CENTER Plus


The AV Control Center can control audio-visual equipment of a cinema and the third party equipment which contains infrared and serial ports such as blue-ray DVD players, power amplifiers, projectors, power supply sequencers, televisions, security system and background music system etc.





Being compatible with Smart Server, it can control each system above easily via smartphone and panels, achieving scene linkage among systems such as lighting, audio and air-conditioning systems.


Specification parameters:

I/O Port:

 (1) one RS485 control interface(connected to Smart Server or control devices that have RS485 ports)

 (2) four serial port outputs(connected to RS232 serial ports of controlled members)

 (3) six IR infrared outputs(Infrared emission rods are connected to infrared receivers of controlled members)

• Power supply: DC12V

• Communication interface: twisted pair wire

• Installation method: placed horizontally or hung on the wall

• Size: width × height × thickness=158mm×132mm×26mm

• International CE certification, EMC certification


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