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6-Channel Relay Output 2-Channel Dimmer Output Controller: 3602L


The controller has functions of both switch and dimming, can be use for compact space control such as home theater.





It is commonly used in the cinema to control light, curtains and roll curtains of a home theater. Simplicity and efficiency are the main features of the module.


Specification parameters:

• Input/output: 6-channel relay output, 2-channel SCR digital dimmer output t, 10 way dry contact input

• Output load: relay channel AC220V 10A, dimming channel 220V 5A

• Load type:

 (1) switch channel: switch control of all kinds of lights, curtains machines, entrance guard and power sources

 (2) dimming channel: the 0-100% stepless adjustment of lighting and color temperature for the sources of incandescent lights, low-voltage and LED lights

• Power supply: AC220V

• Chip: Neuron 5000

• Communication interface:. LonWorks™ bus, twisted pair wire

• Control mode: manual or programmed. Each channel can be switched on or off via manual buttons.

• Installation method: DIN standard guide rail

• Size: width × height × thickness=158mm×93mm×65mm

• International CE certification, LonMark certification

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