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10 Channel Power Controller Module: 7020L


The module has 10 channel switched outputs each of which can load on-off control of 220V 10A light and control all kinds of curtains, electric blades and garage doors etc.





At the same time, the module which also has 10 digital input (dry contact input) can access sensors and reset switches of various kinds of switching values. This endows the module powerful linkage functions. For example, it can access human body sensors and security system and output via linkage control when receiving signal changes. It can also define scenes through reset switches, making reset switches turn to intelligent switches instantaneously.


Each DI point corresponds to an independent "network variable" that can be used by any modules not the module alone when programming. For instance, alerting signals in a garage can trigger light in the yard and make light in the corridors of the whole villa turn on.


In addition to a core "neuron" chip, the whole module adopts LED high power relay of American TYCO which can drive inductive load such as LED instead of electric arcs of common relays.


It has buttons of manual switch and automatic switch. When shifting to manual switch mode, you can control forced switches of each channel via manual buttons. It can be networked with other modules easily through a pair of twisted pair cable. Standard size and guide rail type installation make it be able to be put into a general lighting distribution box.


Specification parameters:

• Input/output: 10 channel relay output, 10 channel dry contact input

• Output load: AC220V 10A

• Load type: all kinds of lights(LED, on-off control of incandescent lights, fluorescent lamps), curtain motors, entrance guard, power sources etc

• Power supply: DC24V

• Chip: Neuron 5000

• Communication interface: twisted pair wire

• Control mode: manual or programmed. Each channel can be switched on or off via manual buttons.

• Installation method: DIN standard guide rail

• Size: width × height × thickness=158mm×93mm×65mm

• International CE certification, LonMark certification

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