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Network Server: Smart Server Smart Server, the interface device which connects to Ethernet, connects intelligent systems to Ethernet, making it a reality to control the whole system readily through smartphone and panels. Specification parameters: • I/O Port: (1) one TCP/IP port (2) one RS232 serial port • Power supply: DC12~48V(Equipment comes with DC12V adapters) • Installation method: DIN standard guide rail • Size: width × height × thickness=86mm×52mm×22mm • International CE certification
System Bus Power Supply Module: BusPower-24/12 As the power supply devices of LonWorks™ bus equipment, it provides stable power supply for intelligent panels and modules. There are DC24V and DC12v in terms of its models. Specification parameters: • Input: 100~220VAC • Output: DC12, DC24V • Output rated current: 2A • Installation method: DIN standard guide rail • Size: width × height × thickness=77mm×93mm×60mm • International CE certification
Control Software for iPhone, iPad, Android For the intelligent control system, LEAX has designed the most precise and perfect control software which consists of LonWorks™ general integration tools and man-machine interaction software of iOS and android platform. Wherever the user goes, he can control all kinds of electrical equipment in the villa remotely through computer network and smartphone. Specification parameters: • LonWorks™ Net Platform: integrated tools LonWorks™ platform; • Human-machine interaction interface: Apple iOS and Android • Functions: LonMaker: LonWorks™ bus debugging tools equipped with minimum control can complete all sorts of precise control settings. Functions of intelligent panels are set by this software. Human-machine interaction interface: Intelligent control b...
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