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From England


Set up in 1987 in Britain, the company LEAX is a world-famous architecture intellectualization manufacturer, serving users living in high-end villas on a global scale. LEAX has been devoted to product development of environment control of residence since its establishment. Its exquisite product design and elegant user experience endow the whole system unique "noble temperament".




The most advanced LonWorks™ bus in the field of control is adopted by each product in which there is a build-in control engine called "Neuron" chip. The working mechanism of the whole system is similar to neuron network of human being's brain. The independent operation with no need of a host computer for each device endows the system unparalleled high-performance, making the system never break know. It is the most stable bus control technique all over the world currently.




Luxury For Art


The product design of LEAX is the perfect combination of exquisite appearance and excellent functions. It always has a core concept that When technology realizes it's real missions, it sublimes to art.



The product design of LEAX adopts the most skilled workmanship and techniques to launch a series of porcelain works completely starting from aesthetics of decoration and ergonomics, winning widespread acclaim of users all over the world. The elegant intelligent panel and exquisite touch screen integrates many standard switches into a controller, making the wall appear spotless and graceful. Its fully textured and extravagant presentation of appearance together with superb and skilled tactical skills of appearance help users achieve the imagination of top-quality desirable residence.


For example, LEAX entirely discards cockamamie traditional switch panels. Instead, through the intelligent touch screen, you can readily control lighting, curtains, heating ventilation and air conditioners, background music, audiovisual devices, entrance guard, security alarms and monitoring equipment of the residence. Panels of different functions use a consistent style, making  panels on the wall not messy any more. Instead, it is generous, simple and easy to operation.





Easy For Use


Extremely easy smart home system of LEAX leads user to relaxed and comfortable lives in luxury big house. Users can control any lights and electric devices using any intelligent panels in the house after installing the system.



Very advanced gesture sensor chips are designed in the intelligent panel of LEAX. It has many advantages. For instance, waving in front of the panel at night can rouse "get up at night" scene. Another wave can make small night lamps turn down. When you get up at night, you do not need to struggle to identify which one is "get up at night" scene facing the panel.


Gesture conception will as well become a cool and practical operation mode even during the daytime especially for the elderly and nurses. They just need to wave to turn on lights and another wave to turn off lighting via activating Away Mode. Considering hygiene, there is no need for greasy hands for the reason of cooking in the kitchen to touch the panel. A simple wave can turn on or off lights.


Sensitivity of each panel can be automatically corrected, according to the environment at any time. Only waving your hand 5 centimeters away from the panel works . Advanced gesture algorithm makes user not need to worry false trigger when operating the panel.


Cool and simple wave operation as well as artistic appearance bring users unparalleled convenience and comfort, naturally demonstrating the host's calmness and confidence. Relatives and friends that visit here become astonishing and peaceful and even appreciated.



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